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Alcohol Detoxification

Get help with alcohol detoxification from the best Nasha mukti kendra in dehradun. The natural process that occurs in the body as it works to rid the system of waste products and toxins caused by excessive, long-term alcohol intake is known as alcohol detox (or detoxification). Alcohol detox is frequently supported by medicine, medical supervision, and counselling in a therapeutic setting.


Detoxification is a period of medical therapy, which usually includes counselling, in which a person is assisted in overcoming physical and psychological addiction to alcohol.


People who have been drinking heavily for a long time are more prone to suffer unfavourable detox side effects, some of which can be deadly. Long-term alcohol misuse can result in tolerance and physiologic alterations, resulting in a false sense of equilibrium. The process of disrupting this balance and restoring the user to a healthy condition is as important as it is delicate.


Detoxification from alcohol is the first stage in a prolonged treatment programme at our Rehab in dehradun. Detoxification can be done safely in both inpatient and outpatient settings, although heavy users should have round-the-clock medical supervision. In the majority of cases, to properly comprehend each circumstance, the medical team will conduct a thorough review of incoming patients' drug, medical, and mental histories.

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